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Sister Wright Strengthens Youth and Young Adults in Cabuyao Philippines Stake (Diocese)

"Please do not quit," Sister Amy Wright, 1st Counselor of the Primary General Presidency, pleaded to the youth and young adults during a special devotional held at the Cabuyao Stake Center (diocese) on Sunday, August 28.

Youth and young adults from the nine congregations of Cabuyao Philippines Stake gathered in the stake center to receive inspiring messages and instructions from general officers of the Church.

Do not quit

Sister Wright shared her story of how she was diagnosed with cancer in October 2015. Her doctor told them that she had only four months to live. "I asked Heavenly Father if I was going to live, and the Holy Ghost replied that everything is going to be okay," Sister Wright narrated. She asked the same question twice and received a similar answer. 

"With every trial, we have a choice. We can choose to look to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ - beings of immense power - or choose to suffer alone. You are doing the best things in the worst times. So please do not quit," Sister Wright concluded her talk by inviting the youth and young single adults with these words. 

The Savior lies in the temple

Brother James Wright spoke about the essential ordinances and sacred covenants made in the temple, which are a few things that bind us to our Redeemer. He said, "The Savior lies in the temple. He is the very heart of it. Everything people promise comes together in the temple."

He also added that after baptism, we start on the covenant path and renew our covenants every Sunday by partaking of the Sacrament. "As we do all that we can to receive the blessings of the temple, it will fill your heart with joy," were his parting words. 

Stay in the covenant path

Elder Elder Yoon Hwan Choi, 1st Counselor of the Area Presidency, and Sister Boon Kyung Koo Choi showed a presentation about choosing our priorities. Sister Choi emphasized, "All of us have different things that need our attention, but we should know where to give it first and what our priorities are."

They also showed the youth and young adults a guide to the path they should take: attending seminary leads to serving a mission, followed by eternal marriage and exaltation. "Seminary should be prioritized. Once this is achieved, all other responsibilities, such as a youth's education, will be easier," Elder Choi explained. "Serving a mission shifts your thinking. It also makes you and your eternal companion better," he added.

Elder and Sister Choi also taught that temple marriage should be prioritized against all other financial aspects. 

"The world doesn't like our lifestyle, but Heavenly Father provided a way to live our life where we can have everything - even temporal ones. Life is not easy. It's supposed to be hard, and it is hard," Elder Choi concluded the devotional. 

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