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Relief Society General President Camille Johnson inspires Central Luzon Saints to build righteous families

Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints left members of the Lingayen Stake, Urdaneta Stake and Aguilar District inspired to build stronger, gospel-oriented families after the multi-stake devotional last November 12, 2023.
Sister Johnson was joined by her husband, Doug Johnson, to the devotional. Elder Carlos G. Revillo, Jr., Second Counselor to the Philippines Area Presidency, presided over the member devotional held at Lingayen Stake Center. His wife, Marites Revillo, also gave an inspired talk.
During the devotional, Sister and Brother Johnson emphasized the significance of consistency in guiding children towards righteousness. They underscored that teaching the gospel at home doesn't demand perfection but rather a steadfast and enduring commitment to be better.
They stressed that persistence is crucial for fostering a spiritual environment within the family, and being a good example to children is a powerful means of introducing them to the teachings of Jesus Christ and leading them to the covenant path.
Hundreds of members from the three Stakes took the opportunity to learn from all speakers, especially Sister Johnson, who, with Primary General President Sister Susan H. Porter, led a 10-day ministering visit to the Philippines.
“One thing that I love about the devotional is how Brother and Sister Johnson taught the importance of how parents manage and handle their family, especially their children, even if it isn't perfect. By helping each other, we can establish a good relationship and discipline towards our family and make our children set a good example for others while they're young, which will be essential for their preparation to serve a full-time mission and build their own family someday,” Bea Ventanilla from Lingayen 1st Ward said.
“As a single adult, I find inspiration in Sister Johnson’s talk on the significance of setting a good example for one's children. I can attest that leading your children in righteousness through your positive examples contributes to building a righteous generation. My parents lived this principle, and when I become a parent, I intend to do the same,” CJ Caolie from Urdaneta Stake shared.
“I am reminded of how to nurture children through the gospel, that we have to let them come to Christ, do the things they are required to, be endowed, and then go on a mission. I was also overjoyed to hear that whatever circumstances we are in, whatever color or race we are, whatever status we may have, only one answer will solve all of our struggles, and that is Jesus Christ.” Angelina Manzon from Lingayen 2nd Ward also shared.
“The topic that I really loved the most was the talk by Sister Revillio. I was mesmerized by how she explained the meaning of faith so clearly. I remember the quote, 'Predicting the future is as hard as forecasting the weather.' As a couple, they weren't afraid of what the future might hold. They didn't think twice about getting married in the temple because they believed in each other. As long as God is in the midst of their relationship, everything will fall into its right place. Trust and faith in God are imperative. As long as God is with us, all is well. Being positive is also important," Hope Cantiga, from Bugallon Branch, said.
“With every situation we’re going through, we must know and understand that the answer is always Jesus Christ and his atonement. Motivation for the youth and young single adults that serving a mission will change our lives and our future for the better,” Elder Tuala, a full-time missionary assigned to Lingayen 2nd Ward, emphasized.
According to many members, the devotional collectively reinforced enduring principles—faith, consistency, and reliance on Jesus Christ—as guiding beacons for navigating life's journey. They collectively understood that being steadfast ensures that happiness in the family can be achieved in this life in preparation for the celestial life promised to those who endure to the end.

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