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Members Unite in Inspirational Devotional to Strengthen Faith

San Fernando La Union Stake Center witnessed a momentous event on June 15, 2023, as members from the Philippines Baguio Mission - San Fernando La Union Stake and Bauang District converged for a deeply inspiring member-devotional. Breaking the boundaries of physical presence, this gathering reached beyond the stake center, incorporating members from Agoo Stake, Baguio Stake, Candon Stake, and Bangued District who participated via Zoom.

The distinguished speakers, including Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife Sister L. Jill Johnson, delivered impactful talks to both the in-person and virtual audience. Joining them were Elder Carlos G. Revillo, the Second Counselor in the Philippines Area Presidency, accompanied by his wife Sister Marie F. Revillo, as well as Elder Menard Donato of the Seventy and his wife Sister Gemma Donato.

During the devotional, the speakers fervently urged all members to center their lives on Jesus Christ and His Atonement while emphasizing the profound significance of making and faithfully keeping sacred covenants. Their heartfelt messages struck a deep chord with attendees, inspiring them to strengthen their relationship with the Savior and solidify their commitment to live in accordance with His teachings.

"The devotional reminded me to deepen my knowledge of Jesus Christ," shared Sis. Ma. Theresa Abubo, Bauang 2nd Branch, Bauang District.

"Our family and the gospel of Jesus Christ help us go along with the difficulties of life we are constantly faced with. Focus on the Savior, His gospel gives us the assurance of having our families and living with Him in eternity," reflected Bro. Luis V. Tadina, Sevilla Ward, San Fernando La Union Stake.

"The devotional reminded me to be grateful and hopeful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which brings healing to all our afflictions," expressed Eugene Espero, YSA, Bacnotan Ward, San Fernando La Union Stake.

The devotional unfolded as an uplifting spiritual experience, fostering a profound sense of connection with the Savior, Jesus Christ, among all those in attendance. More than 200 members had the privilege of being physically present, while an additional 400 participants joined the event virtually through Zoom. The collective presence of over 600 individuals, both physically and virtually, created an atmosphere brimming with unity and shared purpose.

"Being with Christ grants us His strengthening power and uplifts us," affirmed Lujille Ardaine Pascua, YW, San Fernando Ward, San Fernando La Union Stake Stake.

"If we desire to strengthen our faith, serving a full-time mission is a powerful option," emphasized Lowel Adrian Pascua, YM, San Fernando Ward, San Fernando La Union Stake.

The overwhelming turnout demonstrated the members' desire to gather and partake in the uplifting messages shared by Elder Paul V. Johnson, Sister L. Jill Johnson, Elder Carlos G. Revillo, Sister Marie F. Revillo, Elder Menard Donato, and his wife Sister Gemma Donato. This significant attendance, both in person and through the online platform, showcased the unwavering commitment and dedication of the members to their faith and their yearning to draw closer to the Savior.

The impact of the devotional extended far beyond mere numbers, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all who participated. Attendees departed inspired and strengthened in their resolve to walk the covenant path, continuing their journey of discipleship with unwavering purpose and determination.

"When we come unto Christ, we discover rest, joy, peace, and the easing of our burdens," shared Jade Ashley Catbagan, YW, San Juan La Union First Ward, San Fernando La Union Stake.

"As parents, it is crucial for us to be examples to our children and teach them to make and keep covenants, so they may come to know the Savior," emphasized Sis. Michelle Cauilan, RS, San Juan Second Ward, San Fernando La Union Stake.

The members left the devotional inspired, eager to continue their journey of discipleship with steadfast determination, and to extend their love and service to others.

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