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Mabuhay Deseret Foundation Conducts Free Screening for Indigent Patients In Dagupan City

When Jesus was on the earth, he performed miracles to help people around him. He gave sight to the blind, gave hearing to the deaf, cleansed the leper, and even raised the dead. These miraculous acts not only proved his power as the Son of God but showed his love and compassion for the sick and afflicted.

Similarly, the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation recently collaborated with LDS Charities and Mormon Helping Hands to conduct a free screening for indigent patients in Dagupan City and its neighboring towns such as Lingayen, Urdaneta, Mangatarem, and others.  

The activity was held 29 September 2015 at the Dagupan Philippines Stake (diocese)  Center in Arellano Bani, Dagupan City. While the screening mainly focused on patients with crossed eyes, clubfoot and cleft palate, others who came were accommodated. 

Emmanuel “Manny” Hernandez, Screening Director of Mabuhay Deseret Foundation, conducted the screening. He was enthusiastic and cheerful as he greeted each patient, patiently explaining important details about their different conditions. Dagupan Stake leaders and members, wearing their Mormon Helping Hands vests assisted patients in filling up forms and in regulating the waiting line.  


Allysa Fernandez, a 6-year-old girl with crossed eyes, was accompanied by her parents. According to them, she never had the chance to have a check-up because of economic reasons but fortunately, they heard about the screening..

Vince Davey Ople Belonio, an 8-year-old boy with clubfoot, traveled all the way from La Union. His parents, Jonathan and Editha, brought him to the screening in the hopes of finding help to treat his condition since he was often bullied at school.

The patients were accommodated at the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation house at 127 14th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City during the duration of their surgery period. Each of them were given different schedules to undergo medical evaluation, treatment, and surgery when necessary.

According to Hernandez, Mabuhay Deseret Foundation has been present in the country for 25 years.  LDS Charities has helped their organization with regards to funding for equipment and training.  

The organization aims to help individuals who cannot help themselves, ensuring that they get appropriate surgical assistance. The foundation averages in helping around 300 surgical patients a month, averaging to 3,000 patients a year. Hernandez also pointed out that accommodation to the hospice house is completely free for both the patient and at least one chaperon.

Report by Gigi Karganilla

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