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LDS Charities, Goodson's 'Rise and Rebuild' Provide Comfort

Ray Goodson has been coming back to the Philippines ever since he finished his service as one of the first Mormon missionaries in 1961-63.  Many times he visited because he loves the country and always wanted to help.  After Typhoon Haiyan, he came again.  This time he organized a team of helpers and called it the Rise and Rebuild Foundation.

In a time of great devastation, Ray found a small need that desperately needed filling. He built comfort rooms (CRs) in Leyte and Cebu. Even communities with no typhoon damage asked for his help. Petitions from local church and government officials began pouring in and 17 CRs were built in 2014. Sixty CRs were built in 2015 with 110 CRs nearing completion for 2016.  

Community comfort rooms make the daily lives of rural Filipinos much more livable--more comfortable.  Local governments are required to donate the land, provide volunteer labor during the construction phase and sign an agreement to maintain the room.

Busy workers in a fish market used to work all day without a CR.


This village now has a Public Comfort Room.


A school with 411 students finally has a Comfort Room.

Now they call Ray the "CR King."  

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