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Latter-day Saints Join in Solidarity During National Week of Prayer

Church leaders in the Philippines encourage its members to pray in their homes as the entire country braves the COVID-19 threat

In response to Proclamation 934, which declared the fourth week of March 2020 as the National Week of Prayer, the Philippines Area Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent a message to all members in the country:

As concern over COVID-19 continues, we call on all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Philippines to support President Duterte’s call for Filipinos of all faiths to “unite our hearts in prayer as we face the COVID-19 threat.”

The fourth week of March is the National Week of Prayer. We ask Church members to pray the Lord will protect our nation, its people, and any visitors among us, from the harmful effects of COVID-19 and to heal those suffering from COVID-19 and bless them with a speedy recovery. Let us also pray the Lord to comfort those who have lost friends or family members. As we kneel in prayer with our families, let us please include a plea for protection of the most vulnerable and courageous sectors of society—especially those serving in the frontlines as medical professionals, health workers, military and law enforcement officers, government officials and personnel and all Filipinos sacrificing their lives to help, serve and protect our communities.

We pray that these unique challenges may pass in due time. We trust in the Lord and we remain optimistic for the future. Fear and uncertainty are replaced by faith, hope and charity as we connect with and rely on Jesus Christ.

We love you. We pray for you. May the grace of our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ always be with you. We pray that each of you will receive comfort and peace as you continue to Hear Him!

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