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Church Joins Catholics in Interfaith Launching of 2020 Year of EIDIP in Roxas City

A respect for the diverse beliefs and unique contributions of all the world’s faiths is one of the hallmark tenets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In solidarity with the Roman Catholics in celebrating the 2020 Year of Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue and Indigenous Peoples (EIDIP), the Church in Roxas City joined in the interfaith launching on Tuesday, 21 January 2020 at the Immaculate Concepcion Metropolitan Cathedral in Roxas City.


Roxas Philippines Stake (Diocese) President Johnny Dariagan attended the special event accompanied by two full-time missionaries assigned in Roxas City, Elder Abram Joshua Aggabao and Elder Robert John Warne.

Archbishop Jose Advincula, Jr. of the Archdiocese of Capiz led the opening. Officials and representatives from Victory-Roxas Church, Roxas City Christian Alliance, Baptists, Evangelical Church, and others were in attendance. Additionally, the Muslim community of Roxas City and some natives of the Panay-Bukidnon from the municipality of Tapaz in the province were present.

“God must be smiling on us,” Capiz Archdiocesan Chairman for the Committee on Interreligious Dialogue Rev. Msgr. Regie Pamposa said in his homily, explaining that it is because “at least, for a short while, we are gathering to pray as one.”

Msgr. Pamposa pointed out that ecumenical and interreligious dialogue should uphold the common causes that are shared by all men of goodwill.

Following the mass, religious leaders pledged their commitment to establish partnerships based on dialogue by affixing their signature on a commitment wall.

On the stand, President Dariagan, two full-time missionaries, and leaders of different faiths embraced Archbishop Advincula as a sign for peace.

According to Elder Warne, 20, from California, “It’s a good thing to join this interfaith event.” He shared that there were a lot of positive comments about them after attending the mass with hundreds of Catholics in attendance.

"Our presence in this event will help other missionaries and members feel more welcome to houses," Elder Warne said.

Elder Aggabao, 20, from Baguio, shared that he commends the initiative of the Catholic to unite all other faiths. "This is the reason why we attended this event to inspire others to unite and to show them what the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to do."

"The feeling is good. It's a good thing that the Catholic Church recognizes us," President Dariagan said. "In fact, Archbishop Advincula personally acknowledged and extended his gratitude for the relief goods the Church distributed to affected families through the Archdiocese of Capiz."

The Stake President, who is an Associate Professor at Capiz State University, shared that several members and missionaries of Roxas Philippines Stake helped repacked 4,000 relief goods provided by Latter-day Saint Charities.

The food packs were then turned over to the Archdiocese of Capiz for distribution to families in some far-flung areas of the province affected by typhoon Ursula, which devastated the province last Christmas day.

"To me, our Church has been active in interreligious activities for years now," President Dariagan said. "I remember a few months ago, we also participated in a national prayer for peace together with other religions."

As part of the year-long celebration lead by the Catholic Church, the missionaries are scheduled to talk about suicide and the Book of Mormon in a radio station in Roxas City managed by the Roman Catholic Church.

The 2020 Year of Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue, and Indigenous Peoples is part of the preparation of the 500-year celebration of the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines, which will be in 2021.

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