News Release

Church contributes 25 desktop computers for ALS learners in Olongapo

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints partners with the Schools Division Office (SDO) of Olongapo City to help Alternative Learning System (ALS) students develop basic and functional literacy skills, and access equivalent pathways to complete basic education.


Last September 7, 2023, 25 desktop computers and necessary accessories were turned over by the Church to SDO Olongapo. A Memorandum of Agreement was signed to forge a partnership between the two organizations to provide better education to ALS learners.


ALS is a viable alternative to the existing formal education system in the Philippines and encompasses both non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills.


As a second chance education program, it aims to empower out-of-school youth and adult (OSYA) learners to continue learning in a manner, time and place suitable to their preferences and circumstances.


Elder Leonard Huff and Sister Bonnie Huff, who are humanitarian missionaries of the Church, expressed their support of the ALS program and emphasized its importance in giving second chances to ALS students to help them have a better life. “Technology is to be used for good,” they said.


Dr. Imelda Macaspac, OIC-SDS (Officer-in-Charge, Schools Division Superintendent) conveyed her gratitude through her heartfelt message: "I was so amazed that [the Church is] giving us brand new computers with high specifications. We are so grateful and I'm sure our learners will really value your donation."


It has been reported that ALS Learners in SDO Olongapo used to share a single laptop per class. One student present at the turnover event said: “I'm happy and thankful for a chance to use the brand-new computer to help me expand my knowledge. The difference is we each now have a computer to use unlike before when we only had one laptop for everyone.”


The Senior Educational Program Specialist for Social Mobilization, Ms. Arlene Dela Rea said that the partnership with the Church and SDO Olongapo is a testament to the collective effort of loving and concerned individuals in the area.


"This donation is a symbol of the commitment to education, empowerment, and the well-being of ALS learners,” she said.


Lastly, Public Schools District Supervisor and ALS Focal Person, Mr. Allen Tuyogan also expressed his appreciation and expressed that one key learning strand of the ALS Program is Digital Literacy.


He said that with the lack of computers before, teachers relied on teaching theories and concepts. Now, with the help of the new equipment, they will be able to apply those theories and concepts through actual, hands-on practice.


"At the perfect time, (the Church) came, and we are very thankful because it did not take long from when they received our proposal. In less than a month, the computers we requested were delivered,” he said.

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