News Release

Mormon Grad Scores High on PT Licensure Exam

Kent Russell Tiu Siady is in the news for his outstanding test results in the Physical Therapy Licensure Examination.  He placed 5th with a score that was 1.4 points away from first.  The exam was the culmination of five years of study at Velez College in Cebu.  

"I saw my mother struggling with aches and pains, and I wanted to be able to help her and others like her,” Kent said in a recent interview.  “Physical Therapy helps people increase strength and mobility so that they can do meaningful things in life. We don’t add years to life, but we add life to years.”

Kent is the youngest of four sons of Liza and Gomez Siady of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He gave thanks to his parents who provided his college education and instilled in him the values of faith, discipline and hard work.  Kent also praised his clinical instructors and his fellow students.  “I learned so much from my instructors and my friends especially on the importance of working hard.”  

As to the future, his professional plans are on hold while he fulfills his desire to go on a mission.  “My Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to study Physical Therapy. Now I am planning on going on a mission for the Church.  I am the only member of the Church in my department, but my friends and instructors know of my decision and they support me in this desire.”  

When asked about his success, he quoted a scripture, “Faith without works is dead.  It took a lot of hard work …and a lot of prayer and trust in the Lord.  Attending church, paying fast offerings and tithing helped me to have faith in the Lord.” 

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