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Sunday School General President Highlights 'Come, Follow Me' Study

Emphasis Shared during combined sacrament meeting in Fairview Stake (Diocese)


Regular study of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Come, Follow Me curriculum promises increased faith in God, and Brother Mark L. Pace, Sunday School General President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, further emphasized this during a combined sacrament meeting with Don Antonio and Mapayapa Wards (congregations) on 8 December 2019.

Brother Pace highlighted that reading the scriptures with the Come, Follow Me study guide helps the learner remember the Savior Jesus Christ. He recounted President Nelson’s instruction to get the Come, Follow Me curriculum into the hearts, lives, and souls of all Latter-day Saints. He testified that studying the scriptures supported by the gospel curriculum helps individuals and families discover their spiritual gifts and draw closer to the Lord. Brother Pace concluded his message with an invitation to learn the scriptures as they have never learned before with a home-centered, Church-supported Come, Follow Me guidebook.

The general officer attended Sunday service in the area with his wife, Sister Anne Marie Pace. The couple was accompanied by Elder Steven R. Bangerter, a member of the Philippines Area Presidency of the Church.

Sister Pace also shared a message during the sacrament meeting. She began with her favorite scripture verse from the Book of Mormon, where King Benjamin addressed his people about the spiritual and temporal blessings that follow by obedience to God’s commandments. She testified that the Lord fulfills His promises and that the greatest blessing of never-ending happiness will only be achieved by enduring to the end.

At the conclusion of the sacrament meeting, Elder Bangerter shared a message focused on the youth and young adults ages 11 to 25 who have not yet served a mission. He invited the young men to rise, measure up and prepare to receive through the prophet of God a call to serve and bring His gospel to the people.

He continued by assuring the young women that the Lord knows them individually, and that He has placed within their hearts a unique and special connection with heaven. Families were also encouraged to pray for the young men that they will rise and measure up to be fully prepared to serve the Lord as a missionary.

Once in a while, General Officers of the Church hold combined sacrament meetings during visits. On such rare occasions, members of the Church meet with other Latter-day Saints from different wards and hear personalized messages from visiting Church leaders.

Immanuel S. Ruiz, a 13-year-old member of the Young Men Organization in Don Antonio Ward, shared his experience during the event. “I was really touched by how they gave emphasis on the role of the youth and how we are appreciated and loved.”

“Sister Pace is my favorite!” said Auvien Cendra Rodriguez, an 8-year-old member of Mapayapa Ward. “I love the part where she mentioned about King Benjamin’s exhortation to his people to keep the commandments. They inspire me to hold on to the iron rod and study the Come, Follow Me manual with my little sister.”

Sister Badinas, a mother of an 11-year old young man, shared her thoughts on the counsels she learned during the sacrament meeting. “I have appreciated the Come, Follow Me manual even more and realized how it helps me to eagerly apply the principles I have learned from the scriptures in my life and follow the example of Jesus Christ.”

The new Come, Follow Me curriculum is a home-centered, Church-supported approach introduced in the October 2018 General Conference by President Russell M. Nelson to help individuals and families increase their knowledge in the gospel and their faith in the Savior Jesus Christ.

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