News Release

Relief Society General President Encourages Marikina Saints to Establish Righteous Family Traditions

Relief Society General President Camille N. Johnson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints visited and spoke to members within the Quezon City Coordinating Council last November 18, 2023, at the Provident Village meetinghouse in Marikina City.

Elder Yoon Hwan Choi, First Counselor to the Philippines Area Presidency, presided over the devotional. He and his wife, Sister Bon Kyung Koo Choi, gave heartfelt talks. The Chois, who hails from South Korea, talked about how Filipinos are examples of charity and service to the world.

Sister Johnson and her husband Doug gave a glimpse into their experience as parents, sharing how they guided their children in making Jesus Christ the center of their lives. She said even though many times they were imperfect, they persevered in establishing righteous routines for the family. Eventually, their children remembered and chose to uphold their family traditions when they grew up and had their own families.

Elder and Sister Choi reflected on their family’s journey to come unto Christ together, emphasizing that it was not easy when their children were young, but they later saw their efforts bear fruit.

The church leaders’ messages resonated with the members who were present at the meeting, as shown by their comments and observations:

“Sister Johnson’s devotional talk was very powerful, especially for parents as their children's first teachers, " said Roseann Cordez of Marikina 4th ward. “Setting the example for children in such practices as going to church, scripture study, praying together as a family, and holding family council. In time, they will appreciate and learn that these things set the cornerstone for their family.”

Michael Bala of Marikina 1st Ward affirmed, “I feel I am not alone. Even our leaders experience difficulties. It’s very reassuring that Jesus Christ is there. He understands whatever we’re going through”.

“Even if I don’t have my own family, I can still influence others for good through my example,” commented Grace Montalla of Marikina 3rd Ward.

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