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Music: The Power of Healing and Giving

Primary children from Pasay 1st ward (congregation) sang for the mayor’s office and staff on Dec 28, 2013.

They had a mission to bring the Christmas spirit by singing and accept no compensation for doing so.  Bishop Joshua Rifareal was enthusiastic about the plan.

The excited children eagerly went from office to office singing the songs they had rehearsed. They were accompanied by members of the congregation and some missionaries.

Pasay Stake Primary

They sang for the staff and everyone else who was doing business in the different government offices.  Bishop Rifareal opened each performance with a short introduction then the children sang three songs.  At the end of each presentation, the missionaries shared a short message about Jesus Christ.

The children declined each time a cash token was offered to them.  This so impressed the city employees, they started asking about who their visitors were. The children's message centered on the wonderful truth of Christ’s birth, life and resurrection, and how He loves all of His children.

by Melanie Gapiz

“Music has an amazing power to heal and uplift,” said Jamie Bohn of the Makati 4th ward in Metro Manila. 

She has been doing regular music classes with the girls from Holy Family Home for the past year.  The girls are ages 6-20 and come from less than ideal family situations.  A few are orphans.

“My goal each week is to make them smile, laugh, and experience the joy of making beautiful music.”  Sister Bohn is currently serving in the Relief Society Presidency of her ward.  She has 5 children and her husband serves as bishop.

The girls were very shy and wouldn’t look at Sis Bohn the first few weeks of music class, But then a transformation occurred as they came week after week.  They started to sing out with confidence and smiles.

Holy Family House in Pembo

In September, with permission of the leadership at Holy Family Home, an official choir was formed.  “I wanted them to feel talented, beautiful, and charitable,” Sister Bohn explained.  “They have always been recipients of other people’s charity.  I felt it was important for their self-worth to give something to others.”

Their first performances were held in homes for private parties as the girls gained confidence. The final Christmas performance in 2013 was held for 108 female detainees in the city jail. 

Cary Baldwin of the Makati 4th ward assisted with the red concert dresses, logistics, and transportation. She sent an email to friends in the United States to sponsor a girl for $25. 

HRH Choir in First Concert

“Seeing the girls arrive in their new dresses and watching them conquer their nerves as they put on a wonderful performance made all the time and effort so worth it.  Seeing the smiles on the girl’s faces after the performances is something I will never forget.”

by Pauline Morello




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