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Members Share Insights on the 2021 Philippines Area Plan

Thousands of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints tuned in last 03 January for the 2021 Area Plan which was presented by the Philippines Area Presidency. The Area Plan’s priorities to obey, covenant, and establish have been retained. 

The new design of the Area Plan has kept the image of the Lord Jesus Christ in the center, with President Nelson’s words, “Let God Prevail,” written in the header. This admonition has been incorporated in the vision statement.

The vision statement reads, “We will let God prevail in our lives by exercising faith in our Heavenly Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and by obeying the commandments, making and keeping sacred covenants, and establishing God’s Kingdom on the earth.”

Elder Bangerter said that the Area Plan is an instrument that will help inspire members to come unto Christ.

The broadcast, which was presided by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, was made available to members in meetinghouses and their respective homes via Youtube.


Brother Eduardo and Sister Leonida Mata of Cabuyao Stake expressed their gratitude for the messages they heard from the Area Presidency.

"It's nice to know that our Church is very much concerned about the children and youth. Knowing that they are the future leaders of the Church, it is important to guide and teach them about how the gospel can help them as they grow.

Hearing about Elder Choi's response to a question recalled a significant part of their children's life.

"When I heard about the importance of obeying the commandments, making covenants, and establishing Zion, I remember the time when both of my sons who just returned from a full-time mission asked our permission for them to go find their eternal companions. At first, I was a bit worried but the fact that we have taught them about faith and self-reliance gave me the confidence to grant our blessing. Now, my eldest son has 8 children and a small business that was able to sustain the needs of his family as well as help his brothers in the church to earn a living", Sister Mata added.

"We have been reminded that although there are hardships in life, heaven's blessings and peace will come because of our faith in Christ and His plan", Brother Mata concluded.


Below are some of the comments from members regarding the Philippines Area Plan 2021:

“We give thanks to the Philippines Area Presidency for crafting and
the readjusting the priorities and goals of the Area Plan which is
aligned to the admonition of President Nelson, “Let God Prevail!”

The theme of the Area Plan is very timely amidst this pandemic we are
facing as we yield and take heed willingly to the most important
influence of our life, even the Savior, Jesus Christ.”

- Aniceto Perfecto Zabala II, Sarrat Branch

“The Area Plan is an inspired plan designed to assist Heavenly
Father bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. It
focuses on the simple truths and principles of the gospel of Jesus
Christ combined with the different inspired programs of the Church. If
followed, it could bring happiness in this life and could lead us back
to His presence together with our families.

It points us to look to the Savior who is the center of the Great Plan of Salvation and
encourages us to follow His example, and let Him prevail in our lives.
Through obedience to His commandments, making and keeping sacred
covenants we can establish the Church in the Philippines.”

- Christian Robenny Acidera, Bacarra Ward

When Elder Wakolo stated the two questions left to us by our Prophet President Russel M. Nelson, "Are you willing to let God prevail in your life? Are you willing to let God be the most important influence in your life?" It occurred to me that maybe he mentioned this to remind us that if we are "WILLING", everyone in the Philippines Area Plan like Obey, Covenant & Establish we can do it sensibly. We will not hesitate to do so.We can do this wholeheartedly as long as "We will let God prevail in our lives by exercising faith in our Heavenly Father and in His Son Jesus Christ." 

- Hannah Nadera, Lucena 3rd Ward 

The Area Plan for 2021 is indeed inspired.  I have felt the sweet Spirit from the beginning till the end. 

Though the message is general, I have felt the sincere and special love of our Father and our Savior Jesus Christ for our youth and the children. Most of the instructions have been directed to and for them. As a (young) father, I have felt the need to think more ways to take care and protect my son. As a leader (member of the Bishopric), I have felt the need to give special attention to the needs of the youth and children and to look after their potentials. I need to have the best vision of their future. 

Having said those things above, these questions came to my mind: How can I help my child and the youth & children learn to obey, make covenants and help on the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth? 

What are the things I need to stop doing and start doing to be more align with the vision of the area plan?

- Francis Jared B. Garcia, Marikina Philippines Stake 

As I watch the 2021 Philippines Area Plan I take note of the principles that was presented by Area Presidency. As I review the said plan, I felt an inspiration that this will be of great spiritual help to all the members, families and friends. If it will be faithfully applied in our lives, "GOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL." It is a great reminder for all of us of our covenants made during our baptism and temple endowment. The most important word I noted in the broadcast is "OBEDIENCE TO HIS COMMANDMENTS." In the three areas of the plan which is Obey, Covenant and Establish, we are reminded to be spiritually prepared for the second coming of our Savior JESUS CHRIST. I'm sure that members of the Area Presidency received a revelation from God regarding this plan. I'm grateful for this, in the name of Jesus Christ amen. 

- Sister Fe G. Bondad, Marbel District

The vision statement and slogan is well composed, easy to remember, and attainable by ordinary Filipino church members. “Obey” has 4 specific steps. “Covenant” and “Establish” can also list specific steps to be done to achieve the plan. The plan can be discussed further and more concrete steps can be identified according to local needs at the stake and ward levels.

- Christine C. Orquiola, Marikina Philippines Stake 

The Philippines Area Plan centers on ways we can let God prevail in our lives. 

Truly, the Area Plan and its vision statement is an inspired expression that every member needs, especially, during these difficult days. We can get through them if we let our Savior be the focus of our lives, and if we strive to be the hope of our families too. 

In OBEY, it is wonderful to note what should be on top of our priorities to be able to hear Him and be closer to His presence. 

In COVENANT, the thoughts and experiences shared by the Area Presidency give meaningful connections to the sacred central roles of covenants. We are truly reminded to remain true and faithful to our covenants. 

In ESTABLISH,  together with our families, we are hoped to bind ourselves to our Father in Heaven and to our Savior Jesus Christ by building a gospel-centered life. 

The Area Plan is an assurance to make us closer to what matters most in life, in the life to come and to eternities.

- Patricia R. Quine, Marikina Philippines Stake 

"Concrete, challenging steps need to be undertaken by all members relative to the area plan, especially on ministering. We all must take it to heart to let God prevail in our midst and be His stewards to and for others."

- Kathyrene E. Labao, Masbate District

As I watched the Area Presidency Broadcast and introduced the Year 2021 Area Goals. I'm really impressed the revelatory addition  of priorities to focus which is "God will Prevail in our Lives" and these goals are more specific on the development and progress of individual member of each families. I really felt the personal invation of our Savior to each of us to prioritize of being obedient, honor and keep our covenant beginning when are baptized, received the priesthood for the brethren and temple covenants as well as helping the Lord and His Choosen Servants to Gather Israel and establishing His Kingdom here on earth to prepare us to meet our Savior Jesus Christ in His Second Coming.  

 - Isidro D. Benosa, Marbel District

"The 2021 Area Plan gives us clear direction. As long as we put God at the center of our lives, He will perform miracles unto us."

- John Dave C. Posas, Masbate 1st Branch

Posters of the new Area Plan will be sent to stake and district presidents to display in meetinghouses.

The broadcast may be viewed at the following links: Facebook, YouTube, and Church Country Page.

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