News Release

FSY Conferences Set to Return Full-Scale in the Philippines Beginning 2022

After two years of delays and limitations due to the Covid-19 outbreak, youth from different stakes (diocese) all over the Philippines are now finally able to participate in the For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences this year.

Elder Tomas de Sesto Merdegia Jr., FSY Committee Chairman for the Philippines, said that this is good news for all young men and women who have been anticipating in-person FSY conferences to return full-scale. 

“FSY conferences have a great role in each young man and woman’s life. It helps them in all four important aspects of their life  - spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social growth. It is literally part of their roadmap to success,” he shares.  

Every other year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prepares to hold FSY conferences all around the world.  Young members of the Church participate in spiritually-uplifting and fun recreational activities for five days. This event helps the young generation strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and their testimony of the gospel.

“FSY conferences are an anchor, a cornerstone of the Children and Youth program,” Young Men General President Steven J. Lund said. “The FSY conferences give them a week of immersion under the Spirit, which changes them,” he continues.

In an article answering "who, what and why" of preparing for FSY, the Young Women General Presidency stated that these conferences are an important part of preparing our youth to be the players they need to be in these last days.

“Elder Renlund mentions this in one of his talks during the Area-Wide Parents Broadcast held during his visit last June 12, where he said that because of FSY, youth are now more inspired to prepare themselves to serve as missionaries of the Church. Even the young single adults who act as counselors in the conference meet and find their companions during the event and eventually marry in the temple,” Elder Merdegia added. 

The five-day event includes activities, devotionals, and classes that will help youth strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and provide opportunities for them to grow in the four aspects of the Children and Youth program. Young men and women beginning in the year they turn 14 and may be no older than 18 by December 31 of the year the FSY conference is held may join the event. 

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