News Release

From Temporary to Permanent Shelters in Iligan

Typhoon Sendong unleashed its fury December 2011.  Evacuation centers were set up and temporary shelters were provided.  However, a significant number of people still lack housing in Iligan.  While the need persists, LDS Charities and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) will continue to build houses for victims of Sendong.  To date, 345 temporary shelters have been built and another 255 will be turned over to beneficiaries by the end of September this year.

According to Joe Curry of CRS, families will be able to permanently settle on two sites: Panorogan, Digkalaan and Tabihug, Kalubihan.  Because of this, the design of temporary shelters will be revised so that it will serve as a core shelter for families to build on later.  Although it will entail more cost, such a shelter would ensure that families can add and beautify the structure.  The houses will have light concrete foundations and walling would be made from marine plywood.  

Panorogan is an upland rural area 40 kilometers from Iligan City.  Currently, 60 displaced families, most of whom are Muslims, have land granted to them by the Datu (Chief).   The Catholic parish priest is assisting in the beneficiary selection process.  LDS Charities will shoulder the cost of materials while CRS will pay for skilled labor.

A private landowner donated a property to the diocese of Iligan  in Tabihug, Kalubihan, which the diocese plans to grant to families.  Twenty families will be accommodated on the land provided; thus, the same specifications for permanent shelters would be implemented.  Additional toilets and baths per house and communal laundry facilities are being constructed since there are no existing sanitation facilities in the area.  

From Cagayan de Oro to Iligan, as long as concerned individuals and organizations make resources available, LDS Charities and CRS will continue to be partners in providing a most basic human need, a home.


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