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Elder Carl Cook and Sister Lynette Cook Attend Special Conference in Cadiz

Elder Carl B. Cook, a member of the Presidency of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, focused his message on the Law of Tithing in a special stake (diocese) conference in Cadiz on 19 May 2019.


Elder Cook encouraged the congregation of the Cadiz Philippines Stake to have faith in the Law of Tithing.

“It doesn’t matter if the Lord asks us to pay 10% tithing or if the Lord asks us to pay 90%. I have a testimony that if the Lord asks us to do that, He does not need our money, but he wants to know if we have the faith to do what he asked us to do.”

Meanwhile, Sister Lynette Cook gave a message about ways to strengthen family relationships. Quoting from President Russell M. Nelson, president of the Church, Sister Cook said, “Come, Follow Me has the potential to unleash the power of families.”

Sister Cook was referring to the new curriculum, Come, Follow Me, in conjunction with the announcement of the Sunday school adjustment in October 2018 to create a home-centered, Church-supported gospel learning for individuals and families.

Elder Evan Schmutz of the Seventy and a member of the Philippines Area Presidency and Sister Cindy Schmutz also gave messages of inspiration.

In relation to constant improvement in one’s daily life, Elder Schmutz reiterated the significance of repentance. He said, “Repentance is a doctrine of continuing progress of change.” He asked everyone to evaluate themselves and their progress in their lives. He also encouraged the congregation to cultivate a relationship with God and with the Holy Ghost.

Sister Schmutz, in her talk, quoted a message by Elder Bednar, “Each family prayer, each episode of scripture study (or now, Come, Follow Me), each family home evening, is just like a brush stroke on a painting. When we are consistent in doing seemingly small things, it can lead to great significant things.”

Other speakers were also selected to speak at the conference. President Dennis A. Ceniza, Stake President of Cadiz Philippines Stake, shared his thoughts on ministering and how it can help individuals and families. “Let us be sensitive to the needs of our brothers and sisters,” he encouraged. He advised the members on the importance of presence, advice, and counsel.

Meanwhile, Helaman Gonzaga, a young adult preparing to serve a full-time mission spoke about gospel study. “Scripture study is the most wonderful and [most] beautiful blessing given to us,” he said. “Let us motivate each other to read the scriptures.”

Another young adult also gave a brief message. Ariel Siojo, a newly arrived returned missionary, shared an important lesson he learned while he served a mission. “We should continue to strive to endure to the end and God will bless our life,” he said in Tagalog.

Elder and Sister Cook were in the Philippines on an assignment together with Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Sister Ruth Renlund. They have met with full-time missionaries, youth and young adults in various areas in the Philippines. 

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