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Church, UPM Celebrate Duyog Ramadan 2022, Donate Food Packs to Muslim Families

In solidarity with the Muslims in their sacred month of Ramadan, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints participated in the Duyog Ramadan 2022, together with Uniharmony Partners Manila (UPM) and Imam Council of the Philippines. Muslim communities around Manila received food packs as part of Iftar gift-giving on April 16 and 23, 2022.

Iftar, also known as ‘futoor’, is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. UPM donated a total of 1200 food packs and 1000 loaf breads to Muslim families in Tandang Sora, Commonwealth, Quiapo, and Taguig. Food packs were also given to Muslim women jail inmates in Camp Karingal and Manila City Jail.

Y. Selim Sirinoglu, president of the Pacific Dialogue Foundation said, “All around the world, we Muslims celebrate Ramadan. This is the month we are fasting consecutively from sunrise to sunset.  Sharing a meal with us is a nice way of sending a peace message to the world and to the community. We are grateful for everyone who made this possible.”

Recently, the Church released the pamphlet, “Muslims and Latter-day Saints: Beliefs, Values and Lifestyles,” in a conscientious effort to provide dignity, tolerance and mutual understanding for Muslim and Latter-day Saint believers.

Dean Macrinah Hannah Morados, former Dean of UP Institute of Islamic Studies Center remarked, “Christian or Muslim, we have common values like giving, sharing, compassion and mercy.”

Alfrein Quirionez, coordinator for Interreligious Dialogue Ministry in Quiapo Church added, “I have come to better understand the word ‘peace’ because of the initiatives we have done with Uniharmony Partners Manila.”

Fo Guang Shan and Buddha's Light International Association also celebrated Ramadhan at Maharlika Village, Taguig on April 24, 2022. A total of 150 vegetarian meals, 150 packs of 5 kilogram rice, and 150 bundles of joy which consists of noodles, biscuits, candies, and chocolate drinks were given to families in Taguig. 

To commemorate this initiative and in a symbolic show of unity, Elder Steven R. Bangerter of the Philippines Area Presidency, together with Sister Susann H. Bangerter, joined an Iftar Dinner hosted by the ICAD Foundation at San Juan, Metro Manila.

In his message he said, “We pray God’s blessings to be with you and your community. We’re here for you and we honor you.”

Imam Ebra Moxsir, president of the Imam Council of the Philippines expressed his gratitude and remarked, “Ramandan is [indeed] all about love, mercy, and forgiveness. This is the essence of Ramadan.”

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