News Release

Church's Managing Director for Public Affairs Visits the Philippines


Richard E. Turley Jr., managing director of Public Affairs for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently visited the Philippines. He is the former assistant Church historian and recorder. Michael von Rosen, area relations director, accompanied him. During his time in the Philippines he conducted three devotionals where those attending could ask him anything about Church history and doctrine. The devotionals were held in Makati, Metro Manila, Cebu and Puerto Princesa.

Those attending the devotionals were uplifted and had their questions answered. Brother Turley explained, “The history of the Church is like a puzzle that has millions of pieces. If you want to see the picture you need to get as many pieces of the puzzle as you can. Unfortunately, some people only focus on one or two pieces of the puzzle and cannot see the big picture. They should put those pieces aside for awhile and focus on the big picture.” He said the problem is not in studying Church history, the problem is in not studying enough Church history.

He spent time helping those in attendance learn how to find their own answers by using their electronic devices and connecting to resources like the LDS History website. He explained that when questions come up we should seek answers in faith and hope, and not from a place of despair.

Brother Turley encouraged those in attendance to keep a journal. “Every child of God has a story to tell,” said. Bro. Turley began his journal writing on the day that he blessed the sacrament for the first time as a sixteen-year-old young man. He has written on his journal almost everyday for 45 years. “We are a record-keeping people. Be sure to include your spiritual experiences,” he encouraged.

In Manila, Brother Turley visited the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. While there he and Brother von Rosen read the prayer President Gordon B. Hinckley offered in 1961 opening the Philippines to missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They also toured the World War II historical sites on Corregidor Island.


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