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Church, UPM, and ICP Observe Ramadan Through Iftar Sharing

In solidarity with the Muslims in their observance of Ramadan, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in cooperation with its interfaith partners, the Uniharmony Partners Manila (UPM) and Imam Council of the Philippines (ICP), shared meals and food packs at an Iftar Sharing event on Wednesday afternoon, 20 May 2020.


Held in a Muslim community in Barangay Culiat, Tandan Sora, Quezon City, over 500 packed meals, which consisted of rice and chicken curry, were distributed in time before they broke their fast at sunset, also called Iftar.

Moreover, 200 food kits, which consisted of rice, canned goods, and milk, were distributed to the community. Additional 200 packs of fresh vegetables were also distributed during the event.

This was the third time that the Church and its interfaith partners have participated in an Iftar event. Imam Ebra Moxsir, President of the Imam Council of the Philippines, expressed his deep gratitude to the Church for its continued support.

He was also extremely grateful for this year’s Iftar sharing because it was for the first time that fresh vegetables were added to the food packs.

President Emelito Reymund Orencia, Quezon City Philippines Stake (diocese) president, also attended the turnover event and participated in the distribution of food. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this Muslim-Christian project,” he said.

President Orencia opened up that being part of the project gave him the opportunity to see and understand what it was like to live in a Muslim community.

He revealed that he has lived in Quezon City since birth but had never set foot in the Muslim community in Barangay Culiat, located only a few minutes away from his home.

Describing what his first impression was when they entered their community, he said, “I realized that their way of life is no different from ours. Children were running around and laughing as if there was no pandemic. Adults were enjoying their talks with each other. Others were busy buying their food, probably for their dinner.”

“When I went out of the van to go to their mosque, there was a family on my side. I waved my hands to greet them, and they waved back at me. It was a simple gesture, but I could feel their warm welcome to us,” President Orencia said.

“As I listened to their leader (Imam), I felt that his intention was to help his fellow Muslims in his community. That made me realize that regardless of the differences in our beliefs and faith, we have one common purpose, and that is to help and to serve each other.”

The stake president described his experience as humbling. “As their leaders started to distribute the goods to the heads of each family, I saw the glow in their eyes as if they were expressing their gratitude,” he said.

Iftar Dinner and Sharing

In the past years, UPM, ICP, and the Church have shared Iftar dinners with Muslim brothers and sisters. With the desire to continue the brotherly and sisterly tradition despite the pandemic, the interfaith partners decided to share meals instead to ensure the safety and well-being of both Christians and Muslims.

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