News Release

Celebrating Earth Day

It was one hot day!  April 22, a Monday, low tide…declared an Earth Day!

Nearly 200 volunteers from the DENR,  Rotary, Couples for Christ, and Mormon Helping Hands of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints  gathered at Coastal Bay Subdivision in Noveleta, Cavite, to celebrate Earth Day by planting mangrove trees in the nearby coastal riverbeds of this municipality.

Rotarians from different clubs all pitched in to provide for the cost of seedlings while the youth of Cavite Philippines Stake (diocese) and members of Couples for Christ provided labor force.  The program started at 6:00 am with an invocation, opening remarks, a demonstration on how to plant mangrove seedlings and physical exercises for all volunteers

The town of Noveleta has a 20-hectare marsh land with mangrove trees.  Known as “guardians of the coast”, these trees are a home to many crustaceans and fishes, and even to birds.  They also prevent red tides by filtering the mercury present in the water caused by the industrialization in nearby towns as well as filtering gas and dirt brought about by water vessels surrounding the bay areas.  Sadly, these useful trees are now depleted due to the rise of industrialization and the sprouting of subdivisions along Noveleta Town.                            

Danilo V. Soleta, Public Affairs Director of Cavite Philippines Stake, saw the need to replenish the growth of these mangrove trees.  A Rotarian himself, he called on other Rotary Clubs to help him with this cause.  Without ado, almost 32 clubs participated and willingly joined with the project.  With funds raised, they were able to buy 2500 mangrove seedlings!  The youth, along with their leaders, seized this opportunity to help and provided labor by planting these seedlings.  

The theme, “Plant A Tree and Save Tomorrow” was a pleasing gesture for Mother Earth - that mangrove trees would once more flourish these marshlands in Noveleta and in time become a haven to many seawater species.

That same day, representatives from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joined the Earth Day Network for the celebration of Earth Day with the theme “Earth Day, Everyday, Everywhere, for Everyone.”  Environmental organizations, faith-based groups and earth advocates held an exhibit at the Quezon City Circle.  The day started with an opening program.  Mark Longoria from the Church sang a beautiful vocal solo of “The Lord’s Prayer.  The public was invited to visit the various groups in the exhibit locations surrounding the stage.  

The main highlight of the Church’s booth was the 72-hour kit.  Its relevance to family preparedness was emphasized.  A 72-Hour Kit is a personal kit containing essential supplies that should help a person survive for at least three days (72 hours) during a disaster. Experience has shown that it usually takes about three days before government and other institutions are able to provide rescue and relief efforts to disaster victims.  

Children and adults alike lined up at the display booth to participate in games to win whistles, flashlights (also included in the kit) and receive printed instructions to create their own kits.   Cheers went up as the winners of three 72-hour kits were announced.


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