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A.S.I.A Women’s Conference in Hong Kong

Over 200 women from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 12 different countries gathered in Hong Kong for the 6th Annual A.S.I.A (Associated Sisters in Asia) Women’s Conference held March 7-9, 2013. The 12-story Wan Chai Church Administration Building and Chapel hosted the conference. 
The theme, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding: In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths,” was taken from Proverbs 3:5-6.  The conference spanned 3 days and offered attendees the opportunity to participate in a variety of classes, work together on a service project, and enjoy general sessions featuring keynote speakers and special musical numbers.  
The women attended presentations on a wide variety of topics during five “Breakout Sessions.”  Each of these sessions offered sisters at least three class choices, allowing them to tailor their conference experience to meet personal needs and interests. Offerings included such titles as “Faith of Mary, Strength of Martha: The Miraculous Modern Women of Christ," “Uphill Both Ways:  Heights and Highlights of the Himalayas," "Supercharing your Scripture Study,"Applying Simple Gospel Principles in Community Involvement," "and “Mud, Maps, & Moments: Finding Joy in the Journey”, the latter taught by Manila resident, Jamie Bohn.
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In addition to attending classes each day, sisters participated in a service project, making blankets to be used in relief efforts around the world.  They cut and tied over 300 yards of fleece into over 80 blankets, which were donated to Crossroads Foundation, a Hong Kong based, non-profit organization that serves people in crisis around the globe by linking those who are in need with those who can provide help. The sisters took time between classes and general sessions to make the blankets, which also gave them an opportunity to visit with each other and make new friends.  
General sessions featured talks and musical numbers centered on the  conference theme scripture from Proverbs.  Speakers included former General Relief Society President, Sister Julie B. Beck; Sister Lesa H. Stevenson, wife of the Presiding Bishop Gary E. Stevenson; Elders Gerrit W. Gong and Larry Y. Wilson of the Asia Area Presidency as well as their wives, Sisters Susan L. Gong and Lynda Wilson.
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One of the general sessions followed a “Question and Answer” format, with the panel, Sisters Beck, Gong, and Stevenson, answering questions submitted by the sisters on a wide variety of topics.  Music was provided by the Women’s Conference “Instant Choir”, consisting of sisters who independently learned the assigned music prior to coming to conference, then joined together for two short rehearsals to perfect the numbers under the direction of a resident of Shenzhen, China.
The 6th Annual A.S.I.A Women’s Conference was heralded by several attendees as a success in fulfilling its mission to provide an opportunity for these women, scattered throughout Asia, to join together to hear and share gospel messages, attend inspiring and educational presentations, serve others, join their voices in song, and enjoy the friendship and fellowship of “Associated Sisters in Asia.”  
An Inside Look
Jamie Bohn, wife of  Matthew Bohn, Philippines Resident Country Director for the Millennium Challenge Corporation ( was a presenter at the recent A.S.I.A. Women’s Conference in Hong Kong. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,Jamie is a resident of Manila.
Sr. Bohn temporarily left her husband in charge of her children and  travelled to Hong Kong to give a “Breakout Session”  at the conference on:
"Mud, Maps & Moments: Finding Joy in the Journey"
Do we ever become so intent on pulling our handcarts through the trenches and over the bumps that we fail to recognize the majesty of the surrounding prairie? Life is a journey, at times fraught with obstacles, but also replete with magnificent vistas if we are looking in the right direction and unforeseen joys if we are moving in the right direction. Mud, Maps, & Moments is an exploration of how we can love more, laugh more, and learn more along the way as we come to view our earthly adventure through the gospel lens, the “good news” lens. This perspective can help us more fully understand the Savior’s role in our lives as we learn to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, focus on the positive, distinguish the important from the trivial, and see the big picture. We can, as President Thomas S. Monson said, “find joy in the journey”—potholes and all."
After the conference and back in Manila, Sr. Bohn told her family about the conference:
"The conference was a cup-filling experience.  Not only was it an opportunity to refocus spiritually as I listened to the speakers and attended classes, but it was also a reminder that I am part of a world-wide sisterhood of women who are striving for the same things.  I enjoyed getting to know women from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and other nations.  We laughed together and cried together as we shared stories, experiences, and testimonies."  
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Jamie went on to express her feelings about being a presenter:
"The invitation to be a presenter was a bit daunting at first.  I knew women were leaving home and family and making a special effort, at considerable expense, to attend the conference.  I didn't want anyone to feel like my class had been a waste of their time!  But as I prayed for inspiration about which topic to choose and how to present it, a presentation that I felt good about came together over the course of a few weeks.  When I actually gave my class on "Finding Joy in the Journey", I felt like I was among friends, which I was. I particularly enjoyed talking afterward to some of the women who had attended my presentation and they shared their own insights on the topic.  That's what the conference is about--sharing experiences, insights, and testimonies, and in the process of learning and serving together, coming to appreciate the strong threads that unite us, no matter where we live."  
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