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Santa Cruz Stake Partners with Philippine Red Cross

Saving Lives Thru 'Bloodletting Drive' Amidst the Pandemic

Santa Cruz Stake (Diocese) saints under the leadership of Michael Oliver B. Gomez, president, with the help of his two counselors and Philippine Red Cross (PRC)-Laguna Chapter representative, Grace Estonillo, held a 'Stake Bloodletting Drive' amidst the ongoing COVID -19 crisis in the country at Santa Cruz Stake Center on June 4, 2022.

This activity was one of the stake’s efforts coordinated by Mark Anthony S. Paloma, first counselor in the stake presidency, and Welfare and Self-Reliance Chairman, together with the stake Communication Director, Cecile C. Cortez, as part of their commitment to save lives and help patients who are badly in need of a blood transfusion or blood demands during emergencies, especially in this pandemic. The overwhelming response of members showing their compassionate service to fellowmen was evident. 

"It has been a yearly activity between the Santa Cruz Laguna Red Cross Chapter and the Santa Cruz Laguna Stake; it was only stopped when covid 19 hit the country. Donating blood is a humanitarian act because we are saving lives. I know the importance of donating blood because I experienced that when my mother needed blood when she was hospitalized. It was my fifth year of donating blood," Pres. Gomez recalled.

In a letter forwarded by PRC-Laguna Chapter Administrator Frank Gray M. Sorromero, MPA, Dhum, represented by Grace Estonillo, he expressed gratitude for the innumerous times the Church has extended its hands, aiding in the quest to alleviate human suffering, particularly in blood donation as blood is such a precious resource and challenging to obtain. "It only comes from voluntary, non-remunerated donors can we receive safe and adequate blood and blood products for the benefit of patients in need. Your donors are heroes to the truest sense of the word," he stated.

This activity stemmed from the fact that some members experienced a scarcity of blood donations, especially during this crisis. Therefore, the stake presidency felt the need to augment their blood supply and help other people who needed assistance with blood supply—increasing awareness of the importance of blood donation to prevent heart, liver, and brain diseases.

PRC assured that the partnership with the Church will always be treated with the highest regard.

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